Madam Veronique

Fortune Teller Extraordinaire


Birthday Parties - Bar & Bat Mitzvahs - Private Readings

Madam Veronique is a fortune teller who excels in Tarot cards, palm readings, and ice and water readings, as well as the crystal ball. And she actually has ESP, unlike most fortune tellers, who just pick your future out of a hat. She also sometimes reads the past.

Madam Veronique learned about her gift when she was nine. She was in Salem, Massachusetts, at the Salem Witch Museum, and discovered a book about fortune telling. She immediately began to read it and try little experiments. Soon, she was ready to tell her first fortune. And it came true!

Since then, she has regularly been predicting the future and relating the past of her friends. Now she has extended her work to birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, and other celebrations. You can have her at your next event.

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